We are pleased to announce that Josephine Gardiner has become the new Devon and Cornwall Editor.  10/02/2020

Important message from our writer in Hong Kong:  “Recently, I think you may heard that the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease is now seriously affecting Hong Kong. I had planned to visit some exhibitions and write a new review in January. However, the disease speedily spread. All citizens are suggested not to go out and stay away from crowds by the Hong Kong government. All museums are closed and the schools are suspended too. So, I’ll probably let you down as I can’t write a new review for the March/April issue. I am really sorry!
Warmest regards,
Ivy Leung

Hoping the Coronavirus subsides soon, we wish Ivy all the best,
The New Art Examiner

Derek Guthrie has just arrived in Cornwall from our Washington DC office and will be at the Penzance Writers’ Meeting at the Redwing on February 8.
On January 25 the St Ives Writers’ Meeting in Cornwall had a very lively meeting with a few new writers attending.
The Milan Writers’ Meeting will be held by Liviana Martin on January 22.
The Penzance Writers’ Meeting will be held at the Redwing Gallery on January 11 from 2-4 pm.

Welcome to Alexander Stanfield, who has just joined our team as West Coast Editor in the US.
Many thanks to Josephine Gardiner for her expertise in proofreading the next issue of the New Art Examiner! Could it be that we are finally error free?

New Art Examiner writer, Mary Fletcher, using her ability as an art critic, covered the rally of the Labour Party at Falmouth more as a cultural event or rock concert than a political rally. Well done Mary!

The New Art Examiner has contributed 15 pages to the catalog of the Shenzhen Art Fair, opening on 13 December.
Today writers and staff of the New Art Examiner held their Christmas Party in Penzance, celebrating the magazine’s growth around the world and also discussing expansion plans for the new year.

An Eye on Washington will soon be released. This book contains critical reviews of art historian and publisher of the New Art Examiner, Jane Addams Allen. Allen’s writing printed in the Washington Times, 1982-1989 gives evidence of art criticism at its best. A must read!

We are pleased to hear that our new writer in Venice, Anita Di Rienzo, will be receiving university credit from the University of Venice for her Master’s degree in Fine Arts for writing in the New Art Examiner. Her review will be published in the January/February issue.

On Tuesday 19 November there were 3,500 online readers to the New Art Examiner, more readers than we’ve ever had in one day before! As numbers go up Kathryn Zazenski’s review, “Museum of Modern Women” on the 50 women painters at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, has had over 16,000 readers to date. This is followed by Miklos Legrady’s widely read review, “If you’re a recent MFA or PhD you’re not an artist nor a curator” and then by Dr. Sheng-Yu Peng’s review, “Matthias Grunewald’s Pain and Suffering”.
Liviana Martin held the first Writers’ Meeting in Milan on 14 November; the next one is planned for December. On Saturday, November 23 the St Ives Writers’ Meeting will be held at the Public Library in the Community Room; Annie Markovich, Contributing Editor of the New Art Examiner, who has just arrived from our Washington DC office, will be giving a short lecture on her 45 years with the magazine. The Penzance Writers’ Meeting will be held at the Redwing Gallery on 7 December.

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  1. I look forward to meeting with writers and artists at the St Ives Library on Saturday. Much has changed since 1974 when the NAE began, a 4-page tabloid on newsprint. Through thick and thin the NAE has always stood for writing and offers readers a voice in a world where many different voices need to be heard.

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