The Art of Extinction Rebellion: Josephine Gardiner from the UK
Rebellion in Hong Kong Art: Leung Suk Ching
I Left my Heart in Leipzig: Viktor Witkowski, USA
If it Works, don’t Fix it: Frances OIiver, UK
Fervid Art from the Edge: Jane Addams Allen, New York
Scouting the Blogs: Miklos Legrady, Toronto
Brzezanska ‘s Stories from Earth: Katie Zazenski, Poland

Editorial by Daniel Nanavati
Speakeasy by Professor Richard Siegesmund



Artemisia Gentileschi: Graziella Colombo
Giorgio de Chirico: Loretta Pettinato
The Pre-raphaelite Sisters: Maggi Livingstone
Anima Mundi and Redwing with Mary Fletcher
India in Venice: Anita Di Rienzo
Four into One: Mary Fletcher
White House Painter: Max Levin
Wear your Manifesto with Pride: Todd Parola
Truman Capote: Lynda Green
James Elkins on Art Criticism: Victoria Howard in Cornwall

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