In this issue:


Museum of Modern Women – Kathryn Zazenski from Warsaw
Oh Chicago, my Chicago – Maggie Leininger on Comfort Station
After the Art Fair Bubble Bursts – Phil Barcio on the Chicago Expo
Artist Miklos Legrady on Art Education
Belated Tribute to a Gifted Painter – Jane Addams Allen on French Impressionist Berthe Morisot

Editorial by Lily Kostrzewa
Speakeasy by Pendery Weekes


Joseph Beuys – Bart Gazzola
The Whitney’s Collection – Jody Cutler-Bittner
Jannis Kounellis – Liviana Martin
Diocesan Museum, Milan – Loretta Pettinato
Scott Turri in Pittsburgh
Viktor Witkowski in Paris
Monica Richart on the Gang Architectural Firm in Chicago

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