To add a note of clarification to Tom Mullaney’s elegant and restrained report on the more than unfortunate hidden events of the last year.
The day of crisis became clear when I was left in my hotel in Rockford on the last day of assembling ‘The New Art Examiner Now” which was taking place in Zhou B Art Center. Articles of a dubious nature where included of which Laura Frazier knew full well were not suitable given the New Art Examiner’s well established and respected rules over conflict of interest.
Previously informal conversation discussion on these issues had taken place with polite disagreement. Also without consultation I was posted on Wikipedia as “Mentor” which made clear a public coup was attempted.
A letter appeared in the ‘New Art Examiner Now’ from Michael Zhou, director of the Zhou B Art Center, saying he was looking forward to the future of the NAEN …”under the leadership of Laura Frazier.”. Michael Zhou would not return phone calls or emails. I was then requested for money to pay rent for the to be office of the NAEN in the Zhou B Centre. Both Laura and Michael Zhou were fully aware the NAE was not for profit and no budget was in place.. I was told without grace ‘To put my pocket where my mouth was”
With great sadness I share these simple facts. I retreated to Cornwall UK and found a Colleague Daniel Nanavati who, with generous and creative support with me as Mentor but also publisher, has saved the NAE from oblivion.
This episode proves one important point in our corrupted Art world. That love of art, and love of creativity will survive without the endorsement of parasitic and self-serving patronage. The New Art Examiner sells limited space as Advertising , and sells subscriptions. It has survived on the generosity of present editors and writers.
I ask you dear reader for support as to keep us free as simply we refuse to sell editorial as covert publicity.

Derek Guthrie, Publisher

Volume 30 number 3 January / February 2016 p3

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