Cancelling art: from populists to progressives – Jela Krečič
We cannot escape the aesthetics of what we create – Daniel Nanavati
Robyn Day Interview with Scott Turri
NFTs and conceptualism – Catheryne Kelly
Did Duchamp pave the way for Donald Trump? – Miklos Legrady
The Moorhouse Fish – Martha Benedict


Editorial Daniel Nanavati, Cornwall, UK
Speakeasy Modernism, Formalistic Abstraction’s Lost Sibling – Eric Bookhardt
Poem: Truth Shänne Sands
Cartoon – Pablo Halguera


Nate Young & Mika Horibuchi at the Richard H Driehaus Museum – Steve Carrelli
Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent – Sam Vangheluwe
Breath, Ghosts, Blind, Milan – Liviana Martin
Picasso Ibero – Gill Fickling
Paula Rego: There Are No Words – Catheryne Kelly


The Masterpiece Delusion – Laura Gascoigne
The Mountain Lake Symposium and Workshop – Margaret Richardson

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