Sandy Bellamy

Both Art Basel Miami and Scope art fairs draw young followers of hip hop culture. Well-known rappers and hip hop artists buy contemporary art including Jay-Z, a major collector of Basquiat’s work who rapped about art collecting in his album 444, and Nas, known for his collection of African American folk art. Many Basel and Scope attendees are drawn by the opportunity to see famous rappers and hip hop artists interacting with high-profile collectors and dealers showing how hip-hop artists are shaping the world and economy of fine art.
Inspired by graffiti art he saw on the street, he gradually developed a unique style popular with both adults and kids alike. His graffiti art provides a sense of realism and dynamism, while his cartooning gives his works a playful, childlike quality. This unusual combination is what making his artwork stand out from the crowd of pop art.
Showcased at Scope Miami, Prolific, is an almost 6 foot tall painting in homage to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. In signature style, RymeslikedImez uses light color palettes to capture the essence of the West Coast, with Nipsey Hussle as the focal point, on top of his Marathon Store in Crenshaw, LA, now a memorial site.
Viewers are literally and figuratively looking up at the rapper. Surrounded by flowers and palm trees, sun rays represent the rapper’s aura, a typical innuendo the artist explores. The painting highlights Hussle’s infamous blue laces, his Victor Lap album cover, and his favorite car Mercedes CL600, symbolic of the idiosyncratic presence that has impacted generations to come, specifically in Hip Hop/Rap and street culture. Prolific also includes the artist’s synonymous character, Puff, which made its US debut in sculptural form earlier last month at ComplexCon.
Rhymezlikedimez represents an important entry point for future collectors: pop art. He is a talented artist who captures the energy and complexities of contemporary hip hop culture.

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