Humanity lost a year, not its soul A unique series of answers from our writers
around the world in response to the Publisher’s question on the pandemic and its challenges
How Do You Taste? Darren Jones
Future Lovers: The Terrifying Union of Science and Art Minwen Wang
UMFA: a more accurate account of shared american history Scotti Hill
Sic Transit English Frances Oliver


Editorial Al Jirikowic, Washington DC
Speakeasy Scott Winfield Sublett: The American Schadenfreude Epidemic

Poem Shänne Sands: “You Are My Oasis”

Edward Carey: the swallowed man Lynda Green
Helen Gorill: women can’t paint Mary Fletcher
The diary of fFida Kahlo Mary Fletcher

The Mole Agent Gill Fickling
Peter Doig and Karl Ove Knausgaard on Edvard Munch Mary Fletcher
Men and women on zoom Mary Fletcher

How to raise the water level in a fishpond Aleksander Hudzik
Michael Joo: sensory meridian Philip Barcio
Banksy: The Last romantic Susana Gómez Laín


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