Mary Fletcher


St Ives on Fire

There are 11 new paintings in this show. Peter Fox has been able to work during lockdown, relishing the quiet and the increased birdsong. Birds feature largely in these works, plus the enigmatic bird-headed goddess figure he first drew years back, whose origins probably lie in Vinca northern European culture from a time before writing.
These images are arranged with great care and impact and their symbolism is mysterious – encouraging speculation. One painting shows an ancient Cornish shrine – Dupath Well – but the others do not reference anything local, but seem nevertheless timelessly rooted in all sorts of wild myth and legend.
Having seen Peter Fox’s work before, I felt the new ones have more calm and space in them. Another viewer had noticed a new placing of figure and bird looking eye to eye.
Also in the gallery are several of the artist’s witty and unusual sculptures incorporating found objects.
If you like a change from the conventional seascapes of familiar places that abound in Penwith galleries, with their loose brushwork and uncomplicated repertoire, you may enjoy seeing Peter Fox’s latest show – the work of an original and unusual artist that provokes thought and reverie.


Volume 36 no 1 September / October 2021

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