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Hayley Goes series in on the BBC
(Often it takes a lot of time to find images for reviews. This was found in one second and in high resolution. These programmes are actually soft pornography. Ed.)

In this TV programme Hayley Pearce considers aspects of how the female body is regarded. She tries posing sexily in underwear for money online – and won’t take all her clothes off – fearing future disparagement. Later however she agrees to take part in one of those saucy calendar shoots where middle-aged women pose coyly, hiding their breasts with various props, to be photographed by a man. They are raising money by producing a calendar for charity.
Life-class posing is mentioned – and however much I feel images of naked women are often exploitative – rarely acceptable – Bonnard being an exception where the woman is shown with respect and love – at least it seems a cut above girly magazines and their online equivalent. The wholesome attitudes of acceptance of the body in a naked state shown in a nudist camp and a naked yoga class are subverted by the camera person’s coy shots in which a book or long hair conceal breasts or a penis. Yet we also have the ridiculous Naked Attraction programme in which participants discuss the relative attractiveness of other people’s exposed genitalia. There are brief shots of classical Greek statues – from a time when the body was idealised and revered without titillation or exaggeration.
It seems now we are mostly stuck with the shame of Adam and Eve.

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  1. Great observations. Would certainly want to read a longer text from your point of view.

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