Alexander Stanfield

The term ‘unprecedented’ has been thrown around a lot as a means to come-to-terms and describe what we have been dealing with over the past year. While ‘unprecedented’ is extremely applicable, my past year has been sponsored by ‘managing’. Just trying to stay afloat like many others. The need for stability, or to find it; mental support, physical and emotional well-being are all understandable priorities. As these uncertain times continue, needs overtake wants for most of us. Wants are what we can consider when needs are met. Yet, I am at a point of realization. Not epiphany, it’s more of an acceptance with a heavy dash of self-awareness. My want to write about art, to experience it, to share it, meets with my need to be part of the larger conversation.
With the Arts almost decimated in many places it is daunting for someone like myself who has been trying to establish themselves. I love to talk about art. It brings me a sense of purpose that I crave. Liquid crystal displays just don’t have the same effect that an in-person encounter with an artist or show can deliver. This is why I am thankful to be part of NAE. Even though I have not been able, mentally or physically, to contribute as much as I ideally want to. It is inspiring to know I work with like-minded writers and artists.

Volume 35 no 4 March – April 2021

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