7  No Art Superstars from Israel – Daniel Nanavati, Tel Aviv
10 The reality of Gabo does not match the expectation – Ken Turner, St Ives
13 Sculpting mathematics – Stephen Luecking, Chicago
18 Scouting the blogs – Miklos Legrady, Toronto


2 Letters
4 Editorial by Daniel Nanavati
6 Speakeasy by Gill Fickling
37 Newsbriefs


15 Girls’ world and Fatigue – Margaret Lanterman in Chicago
19 A brief history of permanence – Liviana Martin in Milan
22 In search of a visual reward – Sea Warrior in Penzance
23 We all suffer from psychoanalysis – Mary Fletcher in St Ives
25 Grace Hartigan: reluctant feminist – James Cassell in Washington D.C.
26 Fish for art – Ben Russo in the Netherlands
27 Raphael in Milan – Graziella Colombo in Milan
29 Words lead to art in Lake Lugano – Anna Maria Benedetti
3o Brueghel the Elder: the family man – Susana Gómez Laín in Madrid
33 Vito, video and you – Alexander Stanfield

Books and Films:

31 Saul Steinberg’s The Labyrinth – Frances Oliver
32 Anthony Mann’s The Man from Laramie (1955) – Mary Fletcher
34 Joker is number 9 – András B. Vágvölgyi on Tarantino

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