In this issue:

Zero-Sum Culture: Jorge M Benitez
The disease of Grade Inflation: Stephen Luecking
Exhibit Heightens Gaugin Myth: Jane Addams Allen
Ayn Rand – A Defence for the Indefensible: Frances Oliver
Museum politics in Toronto:  Rae Johnson
Frank Gehry at 90: Lili Lihting

Your  letters.
Editorial by Derek Guthrie
Scouting the blogs with Miklos Legrady
Recommended reading

Bentonville: Daniel Nanavati
Chicago: Spencer Hutchinson
Washington: Al Jirikowic / Annie Markovich
Cornwall:  Mary Fletcher /Pendery Weekes
Milan: Liviana Martin
Vito Acconci: Alexander Stanfield

2 thoughts on “Volume 33 no 4 March-April 2019

    1. Of course, Hasankeyf should not be destroyed. Julian is a human a human being, and as an individual has made an important contribution to freedom of expression, along with Edward Snowden. Much of value is now underwater, including men’s (and women’s) minds. The world evolves.

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