May June 2018 Cover image © Marvel Studios

The cultural context and significance of ‘Black Panther

Theology in art

Life in the Margins, meeting Anna Zissermann

An Appreciation of Franz Marc

Washington DC news

Anne Truitt: an act of resistance

A home for artists in Venice

Master of the Line, Toulouse Lautrec by Jane Addams Allen

The shop window renaissance in Italy

Reviews from:  Milan, Washington, Chicago and Cornwall
Book Review:  Glittering images by Camille Paglia

3 thoughts on “Volume 32 no 5 May / June 2018

  1. What an incredible ferment there is in the New Art Examiner today! I haven’t found this feeling elsewhere and am really enthralled by the articles that I read, as they are so right on target and out of the ordinary. I only wish that you covered more about what’s going on in the art world in Asia (including Australia), South America the Middle East and Africa.

  2. I was deeply disturbed to hear the news about Ai Weiwei’s Beijing studio being demolished by the local authorities for being a government critic. He still had a number of his works inside his studio. If this is what they do to the work of this very talented and respected artist worldwide, what are they doing in China to the unknowns? I have posted this comment here because I can’t find anywhere else to comment on art news in the world, and I couldn’t not comment on something so important.

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