Terms and Conditions


Bookings must be made either by emailing managingeditor@newartexamniner.net or by completing the online application form on the course page and submitting payment through paypal.

The New Art Examiner CiC reserves the right to refuse admission to any student, at the absolute discretion of the managers. If a booking is refused, all fees paid will be refunded.


All fees must be received in full with submission and before the course starts (unless agreed otherwise by management). If fees are not received by this time, attendance is cancelled. It is not possible for students to start a course if fees have not been received by the New Art Examiner.

Under 18s

For all students below the age of 18, a copy of our Parental Consent Form signed by a parent or guardian must be provided to the New Art Examiner before commencement. No one below the age of 16 will be accepted to the course.


Writers are expected to attend 100%of the online sessions. If a student is ill or cannot attend for any other reason, he or she must inform the Managing Editor managingeditor@newartexamniner.net. In any case, writers must attend a minimum of 80%of the online session if they are to receive the end of course certification.

Students with an attendance record below 80% will not receive an end-of-course certificate. However flexibility on time lines can be arranged.

Courses and classes

The New Art Examiner reserves the right to cancel or alter a course in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, the New Art Examiner will either offer a refund or an alternative tutor. The school reserves the right to change editors during the course. Such changes are always kept to the minimum, but are unavoidable when editors are on holiday or sick.

If a writer’s level is inappropriate for the course, the New Art Examiner reserves the right to cancel the course and refund all tuition fees.