“It looks like you’re going to get into a vehicle and you’re going to travel…..”

The Biennale of Venice, defined by Codswallop artist Ken Turner as a funfair, has unveiled an installation that is really the “ultimate” in design. A very stylish pod, reminiscent of the pods in the 1956 film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, encases an easy-death casket.


Here it’s nitrogen that snatches the body. Actors only need to push a button to experience this final performance and high-tech dream. Now this is living! It’s at Venice Design 2019 which runs alongside La Biennale di Venezia, – “What could be better than having your family and close friends over for lunch, a glass of champagne, wine, and hop into the Sarco and off you go, a quick and imaginary flight to heaven.” (Sally Curlewis, Australia)

Originally presented at a 2017 conference in Toronto and displayed at the 2018 Amsterdam Funeral Fair as a wooden mock-up, it is re-presented at Venice Design, Palazzo Michiel. This 3-D printable wonder enables people worldwide to print their own final event, making this available where it’s not yet legal. Australian inventor, Philip Nitschke, (no relative I’m sure of the designer of the Embryo Ash Studios jewellery) and Dutch designer Alexander Bannink are navigating in Elysian fields with this hot item.

Easy disposal and ecologically friendly (an important aspect of contemporary design today), it is reabsorbed by the soil in record time. As euthanasia becomes more and more trendy, design criteria of this final moment is gaining respect from critics of the sector. Well done Dr. Nitschke and Alexander Bannink; your mothers should be proud of you.

New Art Examiner readers who want to join in the experience are invited to contact Dr Philip Nitschke for their international exit at: contact@exitintenational.net

Video: https://exitinternational.net/sarco/index.php/history/

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye and thanks for all the art

  1. And why shouldn’t death be stylish? After all it is our second most important event on earth after that of being born.

  2. Weird, weird, weird! I can’t believe we have come to this. Can’t people just climb into a re-cycled cardboard box and turn on the nitro? Does it have to be stylish? Champagne lunch before the “flight to heaven”?

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