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Anne Lindberg’s work is just fabulous. I’ve done lots and lots of work in colored pencil over the years and know the material very well, They way she uses materials is just amazing. Her technique is stunning.
The very large scale drawings around 80×60 inches are made by her walking down the length of the mat board while drawing many layers and colors onto the surface. The line work is perfect, but perfect in a really human way. I’ve seen many people who do super obsessive works that just become completely mechanical, Anne Lindberg keeps an element of the human touch, these little touches of the humanity are like anchors when looking

at her work. When you stand at the right distance the pieces become meditative visuals that can encompass you, and up close your eye can trace the lines of color you can almost feel the tension in the lines. What at a distance is a calming presence of color and mood up close can become a tense test of line work. It’s thrilling. Anne Lindberg speaks about the works as self portraits, that use abstraction to show a space deep with in her brain. It’s a wonderfully tense place in her brain and we are all better off for being able to get a small sight into it.
Price range: $18.000 – $20,000

Doug McGoldrick

Volume 32 no 3 Jan/Feb 2018 p 32

4 thoughts on “Anne Lindberg at Carrie Secrets Gallery

    1. Of course she wasn’t. Uzilevsky was commercial and even did posters of his work, poor soul.

  1. I rather like these short reviews, as they give you a glimpse into an exhibition, without overdoing it with all the useless, flowery words. I completely agree with Doug McGoldrick when he says, “Anne Lindberg speaks about the works as self portraits, that use abstraction to show a space deep within her brain.”
    The amount of work that must go into achieving what Lindberg does must take weeks or even months to complete.

  2. Hi,
    I’m from Chicago, and it’s the Carrie Secrist Gallery, not a secret gallery!

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