Experiencing The Uber-Bustle Of Art Expo 2022 Margaret Lanterman
Is The Sondheim Style The Future Of The Broadway Musical? Reflections On The Legacy Of A Master Scott Winfield Sublett
Welcome To Dystopia Ii Frances Oliver
The War Began In Art Al Jirikowic
The Plaza And The Occupied Square Pablo Halguera

Editorial Daniel Benshana
Speakeasy – A Recovering Art Critic Michael Bonesteel

Berlin – Nina Canell – Pleasures Under The Sea Christian Hain
Venice – Anish Kapoor In Venice Liviana Martin
Feelings In London Daniel Benshana
St Ives – Infantalising Visitors Mary Fletcher


Book Reviews:

The Mirror And The Palette Mary Fletcher
A Blind Man Crazy For Color: Léon Angély Scott Winfield Sublett
Companion To Curation

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